Wednesday, November 6, 2013

30 Days Hath November - Day 06.) Eight Random Facts About Me

01.) I wash my hair twice during each shower I take; one to rinse out the icky stuff that accumulates on a normal person's head, and the second to actually wash the hair. Then, I finish with a good, rich conditioner. I feel so gross if I don't wash my hair at least twice.

02.) I'm a collector of cosmetics/skincare/beauty products and nail polishes. Actually, it has kind of progressed into me being a hoarder of those things instead of a collector. I just love 'em.

03.) I now speak with half my regular accent (bit of southern/Texas, bit of "Cali" girl) and a half British accent, thanks to watching too much British TV. It's quite comical. Zachary makes fun of me, but I can't help it. It just comes out. I justify it by telling myself that my roots are English so it all fits together. =P

04.) I am working on rebuilding my relationship with God. Many things have happened to Zach and I in the past couple of years that haven't led us astray but have left us basically stagnant, not moving forward, and kind of just existing. The negative things that happened to us from "God's people" and done "in the name of God" were a real hindrence to our spiritual growth, and, for whatever reason, we chose to dwell on the negative instead of keeping on keeping on. We firmly believe that this was all very meant to be, as it revealed to us truths we wouldn't have otherwise seen. We still don't have a church to go to so we will continue having church at home, but this is several steps in the right direction. I'm really ecstatic about getting back to where we need and want to be.

05.) I loathe, hate, and despise crumbs! You could have a house that is spotless, but a mere crumb speck will completely ruin it, because those suckers break up into tiny pieces and spread. THEY SPREAD. I hate them. I hate crumbs. I also hate waking up to dirty dishes in the sink, hence why I do my best to ensure all the dishes are washed by hand and ran through a cycle in the dishwasher before bed each night.

06.) One of my guilty pleasures is paranormal TV shows. A Haunting and Paranormal Witness? Love 'em! I'm also a big fan of this season of American Horror Story. I also love documentaries, paranormal-based or not. Zach and I are quite the geeky duo, and generally watch documentaries, Nat Geo, Discovery, Discovery Health, etc, instead of the popular TV shows.

07.) I much prefer cold, cloudy, dreary, and rainy weather to sunshine and warm temperatures.

08.) I wish I had some good girlfriends to hangout with and have a girls day every now and then. It beats going to the spa and salon by yourself, and I'm sure it's nice to have someone to talk to. Women are just so catty and so full of drama that I just can't make myself make the effort to have any friends apart from the ones I have online.

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  1. Crumbs really are annoying! haha I understand #8...I don't have many girlfriends, either :/ But I'm happy with the couple of "acquaintances" I have and my little family and blog friends. I'm so sorry to hear that you felt the need to leave your church. I've spoken to multiple people who've had this issue and it makes me sad that folks who are supposed to let God judge have taken that upon themselves. Hope you have a good day today :)